Scale the wall, Thou Man of God


We all have that person in our lives that always and I mean always has something bad to say about everything!   We avoid them like the plague, since they always put damper on our day.  We will go to great length to avoid any and all contact with them. Because we don’t want to make the decision; “do I stay and listen or go ahead and blindly run out into traffic now?

I don’t want to be that person that causes the skid marks to be in front of you today.    However, I must take a moment to point out a fact about the depravity our world.

It’s a mess, there is chaos and confusion between cultures, the opinion of each sect of our society is becoming farther and farther apart.    So, it seems that in order to reach people we must somehow become an expert on how they think and feel.     We must be able to scale the walls of their resentment in order to have any type of dialog with them Nevertheless in order to do so we must overcome our own fear of climbing communication heights.    So, we sit back and survey the task of the seemly unclimbable wall not even confident that if we did make it over.   We ask ourselves,” would our message be received”?  This causes apprehension about even trying.    Do I have enough knowledge about this group to relate?     As we ponder our next move we can’t help but to tempted with the question “is it worth the time, effort, or disappointment”?     Have we truly sat down and counted the cost in constructing this ladder to climb this tower of social divide?

Although this is a problem we are dealing with in this new-age digital world.     This is nothing new.     From the very beginning man has always had trouble getting his point across to his generation.     There are a million factors of which I’m not going to list them all, but here are a few; race, religion, politics, economic and social position, regional and the list goes on and

But some of us live to share what we have, it’s our quest our calling we feel that we have been called on to divvy up the divine truths of our convictions.   And yet on the other hand some people, get up go to work come home and spend the rest of their day in the perfect bubble they have created.   These individuals live their lives without trying to change the society or the persons around them. There is nothing wrong with this pattern.   But there are those of us who wake in the morning with the looming task of how are we going to reach our world with the message we have.  We have made it our objective to convince others that the truths we possess are worth believing.   Even with this overwhelming challenge that lies ahead of us we pursue forward.   With so much diversity how do even begin?

So how is it that we who have been burdened to communicate our convictions rise to sound such a call?   There must be something in the heart and soul of an individual to gear up for the climb.   What is in the proverbial bag that holds the answer and is retrieved upon command that strengthens these messengers of truth to challenge the wall.    Where do we find the courage to climb that wall that people have built to keep other voices out?!!

TRUTH!!!  Truth marches on in spite of the walls!     Build your high walls of humanism, divine truth will trample them down!    Science can’t disprove the truth, Hell can’t prevail against it! The humanistic view of our day will not slow down the truth. Even if they make it their mission to wipe it out!  The truth of God’s word has stood when other have fallen, remained while the rest has faded into the archives of history.

So to that pastor who looks at what seems to be the insurmountable task of scaling the walls that society has built to keep you and your message out, GEAR UP!!   Because there is a city waiting for your message of hope!  Your message of truth that will change their eternal outcome.  I Truly believe that most people really and truly want to know the truth, a place of reference that they can hold onto when their life is falling apart.hands

It was 1992 John Middendorf  the inventor of the modern day rock climbing equipment and Xaver Bongard climbed the world’s tallest sheer rock face.  This rock face is located in Baltistan Pakistan it’s called the Trango Towers rising 20,623 feet!  It was considered the hardest big wall in the world!  But eighteen days later they reached the top and climbed over the edge and stood on top of what seemed like the top of the world!!  From that day until now countless climbers have scaled the face and followed in their example and conquered and un-climbable wall!  So, gear-up thou man of God and face that wall like it was a picket fence in Mayberry!  Let us not be ashamed to be Apostolic and reluctant to preach righteousness.  Nor humiliated to be called Holiness.  It ain’t no wall for a climber just another day at the office.  Don’t let the distant cold nature of our society towards the church put out your fire, their only cold because their soul has never been touched by the blaze of revival that you have!

Preach thou man of God a Word from heaven! Reach thou reacher of those in danger! Love thou lover of souls!  Pray thou beliver in prayer!  Sing thou singer to inspire others to  worship! Cry thou who carries a burden for the lost.  Proclaim thou who has a message to share! Build thou builder for a place of safety for others!  Run thou runner to catch those headed into peril!   CLIMB THOU CLIMBER THE WALLS OF YOUR CITY THIER PRAYING FOR A MESSAGE THAT WILL SET THEM FREE!!!!

Scale the wall, Thou Man of God!